I’m not currently accepting new clients for support of consulting engagements. You can get in touch with other Exchange and Office 365 MVPs at the following companies.

Baseline Technologies, LLC
Based in Maryland, USA
Available for remote and onsite work.
Email: mike@mikecrowley.us

EXPTA Consulting, LLC
Based in San Francisco, USA
Available for remote and onsite work.
Email: jguillet@expta.com
Web: http://www.expta.com

Smith Consulting
Based in Virginia, USA
Available for remote work, as well as onsite for any English-speaking client.
Email: Michael@smithcons.com

Ravenswood Technology Group
Based in Chicago, USA
Work with remote customers and travel as needed
Email: bdesmond@ravenswoodtechnology.com
Web: http://www.ravenswoodtechnology.com

Nathan O’Bryan
Based in Portland, USA
Email: nathan@mcsmlab.com
Web: https://www.mcsmlab.com

VH Consulting & Training
Based in Belgium
Available for remote/local work (incl. travel if required)
Email: michael@vhct.be
Tel: +32 471 88 00 43
Web: http://www.vhct.be

Atwork Deutschland GmbH
Based in Rednitzhembach, Germany
Doing Exchange designs and migrations (Lotus Notes, Groupwise, etc) to Office 365. Exchange Hybrid included.
Email: Siegfried.Jagott@atwork-it.com
Web: http://www.atwork-it.com

Based in the UK and South Africa
Available for remote and onsite consulting and advisory services for Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Azure, and Exchange.
Email: brian@nbconsult.co

Sembee Ltd
Based in the United Kingdom
Available for remote work in the UK only.
Email: contact@sembee.co.uk
Web: http://www.sembee.co.uk

Datapath Networks Sdn Bhd
Based in Malaysia
Available for onsite and remote work within the Asia region.
Email: sales@datapath.com.my
Web: http://www.datapath.com.my

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